About Us

Somali intellectuals, educated and lived  in India, established Som-India association to work for the good of Somali people, our aim is to create a better relationship between Somalia and India. In Somalia, we  serve and work on community integration.

What We're All About

Creating vigorous relationship between Somalia and India through collaboration at the side of development, resource sharing between the two communities.

Who We Are

Work with communities by achieving sustainable, equitable economic resources and social development programs that promote peace and justice to the neediest community through bilateral relationship between Somalia and India.

To promote Organization’s  goals that is to promote lasting change in terms of peace and development by implementing profitable projects for Somali people in general and focus groups such as youth, Women and children in particular to define and meet their own developmental goals.

  • Promote and initiate peace and development programs
  • Improve sanitation and hygienic condition of the population
  • Promote youth’s participation in community development programs
  • Provide inputs to the small scale business, startups
  • Provide farm inputs to the small scale farmers.
  • Promote and facilitate smooth running of the business
  • Promote cultural integration between Somalia and India.
  • Provide professional advice on education, health and other careers
  • Support exploration of promoting commerce and business through a range of specialized services and strategic linkages.

We aim to give awareness to improve the education from base to the highest level. We promote access to education services that responds to the needs of communities including girls.


We advocate everyone to have access to quality health service, the number of children under 5 years suffer from malnutrition is higher than 75% in rural. 90% maternal deaths occur in rural.


Floods effect the farmers during the rainy seasons, we can support those farmers so many ways such seed distribution, build water canals and rent tractors.

Meet our executive team

Our executive team led by our president Ahmed Sheikh Abdullahi (Mowlid), they oversee day to day operations and key decision making at Som-India Association.

Ahmed Sheikh Abdullahi


Ahmed Sheikh Abdullahi during his studies assisted freshers and guide them through their studies, served previous as secretary general of Som-India. 

Ahmed Sheikh Mukhtar

Vice President

Ahmed previously served the Somali students in India as social activist  and is one of the founders of Surad Student  Association, in Hyderabad, India. 

Dahir Mohamed Haji

Secretary General

Dahir Mohamed Haji  served the Somali students in India,  he is also was active and voluntarily  assisting Somali medical patients in Hyderabad, India.