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We Somali intellectuals educated and lived in India.

Som-India Association established for the good of Somali people
to build a strong relationship between Somalia  and India


Know Your Community

We focus on all development activities that seem a profitable to both communities.

We participate and play active role in  any  emergency relief to the optimum level of the organizations capacity.

What We Do

Our service is not only limited in certain area but we have members the entire  nation.

Beginning with the basic needs of the Somali people on education , health and environment preservation.


Read Our Blog

We share our thoughts, experiences and improvements regarding Som-India Community.

We promote individuals, activities whom we believe  have enormous benefits for the Community.

Our Mission

To contribute significantly to the preservation, awareness and promotion of Som-India and to be an active participant in the affairs of interest to our extended community, association and its membership.

We serve and work on Community integration

Our goal

Work with communities by achieving sustainable, equitable economic resources’ and social development programs that promote peace and justice to the most needy community through bilateral relationship between Somalia and India.

Sectors that Som-India involved

We have the capacity to implement Community based projects through knowledge and bilateral collaboration between Somalia and India.

We aim to give standardized education from base to the highest level.

 We provide health trainings workshops, encourage the community to participate  it.

We distribute seeds to farmers, help them build their canals and promote the production of the country